Community sharing

Thank you for responding to our leaflet and finding this webpage. More details on the Community Garden, Harvest Celebrations, our Fairtrade cafe and shop and the local seniors Coffee, Tea and Chat afternoons can be found here. Please scroll down and read on.  And if you have any other ideas, then let us know.

1. Community Garden

tomatoesWhat if together we could create a Community Garden growing edible produce around the Church? Imagine raised beds against the church wall along St Andrew’s Road and in front of the church on Colworth Road growing tomatoes and courgettes, herbs and strawberries. Imagine creating a beautiful area where people can sit on the circular bench around the tree surrounded by flowers? Imagine a place where all people can come and learn about the joy of gardening and growing, where people can share their skills with their neighbours  …. If community learning through gardening inspires you then get in touch … share your ideas … send an email and begin a journey.

2. Interesting hobbies?

coffee cupPerhaps you make greetings cards at home, or design table-top flower arrangements, or teach yoga or fitness or dance or art or just love making music. Perhaps you play scrabble or cards and want to share the pleasure of community games. Perhaps you have just come back from a trekking holiday in the Himalayas and want to share your experiences. Perhaps you are committed to a charity or just love animals. The list is endless, what matters is that you want to tell others about it. Can you come along for 30 minutes one Monday afternoon between 2pm and 4pm and share your enthusiasm with local seniors who just love learning new skills. They would love to hear from you!
Contact me on and let’s find a time.

3. Fairtrade

fairtradelogo1Fairtrade ensures a fair wage and fair working conditions for some of the world’s poorest farmers. Buying fairtrade and encouraging others is a small but important thing which everyone can do. What is more, the food tastes great! Our Fairtrade shop and cafe is currently open on the third Saturday of each month between 10am and 2pm and on the first and third Sundays at 11.15am after our church service. But we dream of having it open every Saturday so that people can drop in for a fairtrade coffee and pick up some fairtrade pasta every week. Can you volunteer to staff the stall or serve the coffee once a month or even bake a cake with fairtrade ingredients? The team is friendly and the only qualification is having a passion for making a real difference to people’s lives.  Read more about it here or send me an email on

4. An old-fashioned Harvest Festival

Harvest festivalPerhaps you have grown an extra large marrow or a string of shallots and you would like them to be seen and enjoyed by others.  Perhaps you can bake beautiful plaited bread displays or make straw decorations. Our annual Harvest Festival is Sunday 8th October and we will be decorating St Andrew’s Church with fruit and vegetables as we thank God for the gift of natural food.  After the 10am service we will enjoy a bring and share meal together – to which you are invited to join us – and later in the week we will distribute the food produce to local charities or sell some of the fresh produce and donate the money to local homeless charities instead. Find out more by emailing me on