Giving to the Church

St. Andrew’s has been loved and supported by congregation members, local people and visitors for generations. Its ministry today is built on the foundations of those who have gone before us, and on the generosity of those who support the church in the here and now. We are very grateful to all who support St Andrew’s through financial gifts, and also to those who support the church with their time and talents.

Making a donation

There are collections at the morning services on Sundays. For UK tax payers, Gift Aid envelopes are available in church: if you fill this in, we can claim a further 25% of the value of your gift back from the Government. This is subject to the conditions of the Gift Aid scheme which are printed on the envelopes.

Planned Giving

Regular giving to support the ministry and mission of the Church is an important part of the spiritual life and of Christian discipleship. We encourage members of the congregation to give regularly. Some choose to do this through the weekly collection; others prefer to give by standing order (which helps us to plan the church finances most effectively). If you would like to give by standing order, please email our Treasurer for a standing order form (

If you have any questions about giving, the PCC Treasurer, Ian Burns, will be very happy to speak to you. Details of all giving are kept strictly confidential to the Treasurer.

Particular Gifts to St Andrew’s

Sometimes people like to make a particular gift to the church in memory of a loved one, or to commemorate a special event. Our Vicar will be happy to have a conversation about possible suitable gifts.