December 2019
Come thou un-expected Jesus7 December 2019

In Spring 1947 a shepherd stumbled into a hidden cave as he was tracking down a lost goat.  It was just south of Jericho and very near to the River Jordan where John the Baptist was baptising 2000 years ealier. … Continue reading

November 2019
Kings and Queens27 November 2019

Over the years kings have not been very good to us.   George IV spent more money on decorating his Brighton Pavillion and wining and dining his friends than the whole of Brighton spent in a decade.  Victoria was grumpy and … Continue reading

Don’t tease the parrot27 November 2019

Don’t tease the parrot.  The parrot lived in the zoo.   It was not really a zoo – it was just a little corner of the garden surround by pretty flowers – an oasis of peace and a place to relax … Continue reading

October 2019
Faith in a Bad World13 October 2019

The apostles said to Jesus, “Make our faith greater.” people still ask  ‘Why did God let this happen to me’  – and when they do it’s never the right time to give the answer. You see, the fact that people … Continue reading

September 2019
Paved with gold22 September 2019

I started with a joke last week, so I thought I’d try another one this week. There was a very rich man who was deeply trouble about not being able to take his money with him when he died.  So, … Continue reading